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Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer Presents: In Song Gospel Feast & Album Release

Updated: Nov 7, 2023's CHOIR TALK: hosted by HUMILITEE & ZAK WILLIAMS Co-host - WATCH FULL INTERVIEW from our series/content will be available in the monthly special edition magazine of CHOIR TALK FREE to the public on

Blog post by Humilitee™

Hello to the community!

SAVE THE DATE as we have some exciting gospel music news for you.

On October 29, 2023, the renowned Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer is hosting their "In Song Gospel Feast & Album Release". A day where the ministry of the choir meets the love for the community and and it's called CHURCH!

Here's What to Expect: A musical journey that promises to be both uplifting and memorable. Where anointed voices, instruments, and a variety of musical gifting are celebrated while uplifting his praises. It will be more than just an event – it will be an unforgettable experience.

Album Release: The Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer is releasing a new album, and community attendees will be among the first to be part of this special launch. ALL are welcome It's a testament to the power of community and with the goal of saving souls.

Notable Participants:

  • VJ McCoy and Worship Experience will be taking the stage, bringing with them their unique blend of energy and devotion. Their music, always a community favorite, is sure to inspire and connect us all.

  • Guiding us through the day's events is the ever-gracious Pastor Julia Porter-Maddox. With her welcoming demeanor, she'll ensure everyone feels right at home.

  • A special mention to Derail Smith, the pastor of the Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer. We look forward to his contributions and the fresh perspectives he'll bring to the day's events.

Essential Details:

  • When? October 29, 2023

  • Time Slots? Two enriching sessions – 11:00 AM & 5:00 PM.

  • Where? 5648 S. State St., Chicago, IL

For all our readers who appreciate good music and warm community vibes, this is an event not to be missed. It promises a day of unity, song, and celebration.

Until next time, stay inspired and keep those melodies flowing!

Blessings, The Team.




The Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer Choir was organized by our founder, Dr. Charles G. Hayes on October 25, 1959.

The choir was composed of only (5) five members and have obviously grown over the years.

After 60 YEARS, the Choir is still recording, and is considered as one of the world’s greatest Traditional Gospel Singing Choirs still today.

Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer Choir (aka the Mighty Warriors) recorded over 30 albums over 60 years. The energetic choir produced gospel hits such as "The Bridegroom Cometh," "Step Back and Let God Do It," "Everyday is a Day of Thanksgiving," "Every Time I Feel the Spirit" and their signature tune, "Jesus Can Work It Out."

Two songs went gold and many others landed in the #1 spot on several music charts. The choir were the recipients of two Stellar Awards for Choir of the Year and Video of the Year in 2006. In 2014, the Warriors were nominated for Best Traditional Choir of the year at the 1st Chicago Gospel Music Awards Ceremony.

60 years later and after the transition of Dr. Charles G. Hayes, Our Joshua, Pastor, Reverend Derail Smith, continues to carry on the legacy with The Warriors (as he was once a Warrior himself)! Implementing the Webcast choir that sings every Sunday at 5pm. Giving a chance for all to sing with the renowned Warriors.

Rev. Derail Smith had a vision of God doing a new thing for Cosmopolitan through the tune “Jesus Can Work it Out”. Not knowing that the same year, Google would sample the song for the 2018 Google Chrome Commercial, giving the choir and church World Wide exposure again, causing the vision and the legacy to flourish yet again.


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