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"Dr. Oscar Williams: Striking the Chord of Success Through Music and Discipline"

Hello, music enthusiasts, and those hungering for inspiration in your journey towards self-development. Today we feature a special conversation with the multi-talented Dr. Oscar Williams, Jr., an unstoppable force in the world of music and arts education.

For almost thirteen fruitful years, Dr. Williams has been part of the renowned Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas, serving as the Executive Director of Music and Fine Arts for over half of that time. Today, he stands as a beacon of leadership in his new role as the Pastor of Music and Performing Arts Education. His passion for music education extends beyond the church walls; Dr. Williams is also the Dean of Worship at the Jake's Divinity School, leading a groundbreaking program he is instrumental in curating and building.

The program is a global initiative aimed at enlightening worship leaders, pastors, and laypersons who are keen on mastering their craft. As we learned during our conversation with Dr. Williams, his commitment to the cause is unswerving.



His contributions to music and arts education are not limited to these institutions. Dr. Williams is the proud founder of Speak Life Academy of Arts and Music, a 501c3 organization designed to become a charter school holder. He also established Speak Life LLC, a consulting firm promoting gospel and American music abroad. Both these entities symbolize his enduring dedication to making a positive global impact through music. However, Dr. Williams' remarkable achievements didn't come easy. When asked about the secret to his thriving career, he unequivocally emphasized one thing: discipline. Dr. Williams believes discipline is a spiritual gift, permeating every aspect of life. Discipline, he insists, nurtures the fruit of our labor, and without it, we cannot be good stewards of our gifts and talents.

Whether it’s about waking up early, practicing delayed gratification, or remaining focused, discipline is the one constant. This wisdom is what he prays for and advocates for others: "If you're seeking anything, seek discipline." Apart from his devotion to education and discipline, Dr. Williams is an

acclaimed music producer. The recent Stellar Award win for the Potter’s House is a testament to his impact in the music industry. The award-winning project "Finally Loosed," served as a commemoration of the conclusion of Woman Thou Art Loosed, a 30-year old initiative by Bishop Jakes that started as a Bible study and grew massively over the years.

The project, featuring renowned artists like Sheila E, Miranda Curtis, April Nevels, and Israel Houghton, was produced under the watchful eye of Dr. Williams. His role as an executive producer allowed him to shape the project’s vision, crafting a final product that was as impactful as it was meaningful to listeners. The Stellar Award serves as an affirmation of the success of the project and a reminder that Dr. Williams' contributions to gospel music remain influential and appreciated.

Our conversation with Dr. Williams was filled with profound insights, encapsulating his journey in the world of music and arts. His ongoing dedication to his craft, education, and the relentless pursuit of discipline will continue to inspire future generations of artists, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Stay tuned for more on Dr. Williams' remarkable journey and his contributions to music, art, and education.

The July/August DailyPraiseRadio Magazine will be released digitally Monday, July 24th!


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