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"Gospel Artist Ellen Hayes: Gifted Songwriter"

by Humilitee™

Known for her mastery of both traditional and contemporary gospel styles, Detroit vocalist Ellen Hayes boasts an incredible range and a powerful voice that has spent decades inspiring believers.

he image displays a red carpet event with an African American woman in a red lace dress, being photographed by the press. Text on the image highlights "ELLEN Hayes" with a tagline about her writing and singing gifts related to ministry, and a commentary by "HUMILITEE

This gifted musician not only lends her stunning lead vocals to uplift churchgoers, but also serves as a skilled organist, pianist, choir director and prolific songwriter penning spirit-filled songs that can be sang in church on Sunday morning. We will bring you regular excepts in the life of this amazing soul during my commentary coming in January of 2024.

As an eight-time Rhythm of Gospel Award nominee, took home the win #49 Praise & Worship Female Vocalist Of The Year Ellen Hayes – “Detroit, MI” and three-time Texas Gospel Music Excellence Award nominee, Ellen has amassed devoted fans supportive of her latest album release We Owe It All to You, making a indelible impact in the gospel music world. Having delivered solo performances and led choirs at a very young age when she first began singing in church, Ellen Hayes now stands poised to make her boldest statement yet with a collection of songs birthed from her faith.

A Beacon of Faith

In the realm of gospel music, Ellen Hayes stands as a beacon of spiritual fervor and musical genius. Her story if you will, is deeply intertwined with her faith, which clearly stands out through her soul-stirring songs that blend scriptural lyrics with melodic grace.

The Unfolding of a Musical Journey

In a recent enlightening podcast with legendary radio host Lee Michaels of Heaven 600 AM, Baltimore, MD, and myself, Ellen's musical odyssey was beautifully unfolded, revealing the depth and breadth of her artistic and personal journey.

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Nurturing a Gift

Born into a household where faith was the cornerstone, Ellen's musical inclination was nurtured early on as a gifted and inquisitive child. Singing in the church choir laid the foundation for what would become a profound journey into gospel music.

The Songwriter Emerges

But it was her transition from a singer to a songwriter that marked a pivotal moment in her career. Ellen recalls the influence of her father, a pastor, who encouraged her to delve into the Bible for inspiration for her lyrics. This guidance became the catalyst for her unique songwriting approach, transforming scriptural verses into heartrending, soul stirring music.

A Divine Calling

Gifted songwriter, Ellen Hayes artistry is not just about singing; it's a divine calling. She embodies the role of a modern-day psalmist, where her voice and her pen work in harmony to create music that resonates with the heart and soul. Her ability to seamlessly join biblical narratives into her songs is not just a skill; it's a spiritual gift.

Appreciation from a Nationally-known Radio Veteran and Programming Legend

In the engaging exchange between Ellen, Lee Michaels (Heaven 600 AM iHeart Radio) and myself, gave the listener a deeper insight into Ellen's musical essence. Lee Michaels, expressing his admiration for Ellen’s work, touches upon the uniqueness in her music - a blend of traditional gospel with contemporary elements, making her sound appealing to a much broader audience.

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Divine Inspiration

Ellen's response is humble as she sheds light on her approach to music - an approach that’s divinely inspired and deeply personal. She articulates how her songwriting process is inspired by the Lord, ensuring that each lyric and note she writes is a reflection of her faith and God's influence in her life.

Milestones in Ellen Hayes' Career

Ellen's career spans over three decades, is dotted with significant milestones. From her initial steps into professional recording with her song "Be Still," to her recent nominations and gospel music awards, each achievement underscores her enduring impact in the gospel music scene. Her collaboration with her brother, as she recounts, was a foundational experience that not only honed her skills but also deepened her understanding of music as a collaborative effort.

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Ellen's Personal Insights and Artistic Beliefs

Throughout the podcast, Ellen shares her personal insights and artistic point of view. She speaks of the transformative power of gospel music, not just for the listener but also for the artist. Ellen’s emphasis on gospel music's role in conveying spiritual messages and its capacity to touch lives is substantial. She articulates the unique position of gospel music in the landscape of different genres - its peculiar nature, as she calls it, which makes it stand out and impact listeners in a way that secular music might not.

Ellen Hayes' Influence on Gospel Music

Ellen Hayes has not only been a participant in the world of gospel music but also a significant influencer. Her approach to songwriting and singing has inspired many up-and-coming artists, demonstrating the power of combining traditional gospel with personal spiritual experiences. Lee Michaels, during the podcast, rightly points out Ellen's potential to influence a wider range of artists and encourages her to share her gift of writing with a broader audience.

Conclusion: The Echo of Ellen Hayes in Gospel Music

As the podcast with Lee Michaels and I come to a close, the depth and breadth of Ellen Hayes' contribution to gospel music become evident. Her journey from a choir member to a renowned gospel artist in her own right is a story of faith, perseverance, and divine inspiration. Ellen Hayes, with her unique blend of traditional and contemporary gospel, has not only carved a niche for herself but also paved the way for future generations to explore and innovate within the realm of gospel music.

Ellen's story is a testament to the power of faith and music intertwined. As she continues to create and inspire, her legacy in gospel music is one that will resonate for years to come, touching the hearts of believers and non-believers alike. Her music is not just a collection of songs; it's a spiritual journey, a healing balm for the weary soul, and a beacon of hope in a tumultuous world.

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