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Ellen Hayes - The Songwriter

Talented Songwriter Making Waves on the Music Scene

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Photo of Ellen Hayes

Ellen Hayes is making a name, for herself in the gospel music scene as both a songwriter and artist. Known for her ability to craft melodies and heartfelt lyrics Ellens dedication to her work is opening doors for collaborations within the industry.

In terms of chart performance Ellen Hayess song "Another Chance" has been steadily climbing the Billboard gospel music charts peaking at number 80. This milestone not only showcases her growing influence but also underscores the strong connection she has with her audience through her music.

cover art for Another Chance

When it comes to her songwriting Ellen Hayes draws inspiration from her love for gospel music. Her songs are filled with themes of faith, redemption and love that resonate with people from different backgrounds. Her music transcends trends and peaks to listeners of all ages.

A notable example of Ellens songwriting talent is evident in "Another Chance," a standout track, the recent success of this song on the charts highlights her potential as a sought after collaborator, in the gospel music industry. Her latest album, titled "We Owe It All To You " has been well received showcasing her unwavering faith and dedication to her craft. Songs such, as "The Holy City" drawing inspiration from insights and "Walk In The Spirit" inspired by 2 Corinthians 3;17 showcase her ability to blend themes with captivating melodies.

Embarking on a Journey of Faith and Music

Hailing from Ecorse, Michigan and influenced by the music scene in Detroit Ellens odyssey commenced in her fathers church. With her mother being a pianist and singer Ellen acquired the skill of playing music by ear. Her early exposure to gospel music fueled her passion for spreading messages of hope, faith and love through her creations.

Driven by a commitment to crafting uplifting music that touches hearts and souls Ellen Hayes ventures into horizons within the realm of gospel music. Her artistic path reflects her dedication and talent as she continues to compose, perform and inspire audiences with her work. Ellen stands as a beacon of songwriting excellence in the gospel music community.

For information, about Ellen Hayes and her recent projects visit Ellen Hayes website at

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