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"Emerging Psalmist Ellen Hayes: A Fresh Voice in Gospel Music"


In a recent installment of Daily Praise Radio, hosted by yours truly, Humilitee, and renowned radio host Lee Michaels, we had the distinct pleasure of introducing our listeners to an emerging talent in gospel music - the promising Ellen Hayes. Ellen, an indie artist with a rich gospel heritage, is rising in the music scene. Her faith in Jesus Christ, reflected in her music, has begun to touch hearts and stir spirits among our listeners. Her lifelong commitment to singing and gospel music showcases a raw and sincere talent waiting to be discovered. Her talent is genuine and rooted in her devotion to Jesus Christ. Her soulful voice and deep faith can craft an unforgettable gospel experience, marking her as a name to watch out for in the coming years. Lee Michaels underscored one of Ellen's projects,

We Owe It All To You features nine songs, demonstrating her versatility and unwavering commitment to gospel music. This talented singer and writer paints a vibrant portrait of a rising star in gospel music, leaving us excited about her faith and musical journey's future.

As the conversation unfolded, Lee Michaels shared his first impressions of Ellen Hayes's music, expressing his pleasant surprise. He posed a compelling question about her creative process: did she write and arrange her songs? A freshness to her music caught his ear, a certain uniqueness that sparked intrigue. Sitting comfortably and visibly excited, Ellen responded, affirming that she writes and arranges her music. This revelation provided a glimpse into the heart of her artistic process, where every lyric, melody, and arrangement is infused with her personal touch.

Lee went further, challenging the classification of Ellen solely as a traditional gospel artist. What he had perceived in her songs was an all-encompassing blend of genres – worship, praise, classic, and even a Hint of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM). Ellen agreed, admitting that her music does encompass different styles. Her love for music transcends genres, and she crafts her songs based on divine inspiration. “Whatever the Lord gives me, I just put it together,” she shared.

Ellen has been honing her skills for over 30 years, starting at a very young age, and her dedication is evident in her sound. Amid the laughter and compliments on her youthful appearance, it was clear that Ellen Hayes's musical journey is marked by her faith in Jesus Christ and an unquenchable passion for gospel music.

This intimate conversation with Ellen offered our listeners a peek behind the curtain at the woman whose voice is beginning to make waves in the gospel scene. As the discussion on Daily Praise Radio continued, Ellen’s infectious love for music and devotion to Jesus Christ shone brightly. Her lifelong commitment to creating music was revealed beyond merely being a singer. She's an arranger, a composer, and a creative soul pouring her inspiration into every song she creates. Lee Michaels remarked upon the diversity and breadth of her music, making her stand out from the usual 'traditional gospel' label. Ellen's music traverses across worship, praise, traditional gospel, and even shades of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM), offering listeners an all-encompassing spiritual journey. This melting pot of styles not only reflects Ellen's broad musical influences and commitment to conveying her faith in the most heartfelt manner.

Behind the laughter and camaraderie, Ellen's commitment and talent radiated, proving her more than worthy of attention in the gospel scene. As she continues to make waves with her unique style and intense devotion, there's no doubt that she's an emerging talent to watch. Our conversation with Ellen is just the beginning of what promises to be an inspiring journey of faith and music. Stay tuned for more.

In a heartwarming conclusion to our time with Ellen Hayes on DailyPraise Radio, Lee Michaels left her with a potent message of faith and encouragement. He reiterated a prophetic sentiment: "I believe you're on the threshold of God ushering you into a season of fulfillment.” Ellen is not only a gospel artist; she's a psalmist called to articulate the messages she receives in her spirit through her music and lyrics. Michaels likened Ellen’s journey to another artist, Casey J, who saw a transformative moment in her career after a similar prophetic exchange. Ellen, too, was reminded not to overlook the divine gifting in her writing – an essential part of her spiritual and musical journey. Lee's words seemed to hang in the air, full of promise and prophetic expectation. I could only sit in reverence, echoing the sentiments, as if a divine mic drop had silenced the room. When I handed the floor to Ellen, she expressed her gratitude, clearly moved by the message and the opportunity to share her music and faith journey with us. "Thank you, Pastor Michaels. I am encouraged and honored to have been on this set with you and Humilitee," said Ellen. With those words, our interview ended, but not before promising to stay in touch, emphasizing the genuine connections formed in such shared spiritual experiences.

Ellen Hayes is a rising star, filled with grace, talent, and devotion. With her faith in Jesus Christ and a prophetic charge to take her music to new heights, we'll no doubt hear more of her soul-stirring gospel tunes. Our listeners and we look forward to witnessing

her journey unfold in the coming years. Here's to a future of faith-filled music and inspiring stories on Daily Praise Radio. God bless!

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