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God, Family, Football: An Exclusive Deep Dive with Coaches Denny Duron and Fabian Carter

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Team group photo and coaches Fabian Carter and Denny Duron
Article promo image GOD. FAMILY. FOOTBALL.

Inside the Touchdown of Faith and Leadership: Gospel Fruits Weekly Podcast Reveals All

Platform: Amazon Freevee

Episodes: Six-part docuseries

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Written by Humilitee™

September 4, 2023 — The much-anticipated Amazon Freevee Original docuseries, "God. Family. Football.," is now available for streaming! If you're eager to delve into the faith-based leadership and Christian core that fuel Evangel Christian Academy's extraordinary football legacy, you're in for a treat. Humilitee of Gospel Fruits Weekly Podcast and Daily Praise Radio scored a one-on-one interview with Coach Denny Duron and Coach Fabian Carter. This conversation brings you to the heart of what makes Evangel Christian Academy a beacon of faith and football!

Dynamic Coaches, Powerful Beliefs!

In an exhilarating and uplifting interview, Humilitee navigates a conversation with both men's faith journeys, leadership values, and coaching insights. "My core belief has always been God first, family second, and football third," affirmed Coach Denny Duron. "This isn't just a coaching method; it's an approach firmly rooted in Christian principles."

Coach Denny Duron: A Man of Faith and Leadership

Coach Denny Duron is a Christian leader whose influence extends beyond the football field. A pastor, author, and chancellor of the Academy in Shreveport, Louisiana, Coach Duron's life is a living testament to the Christian values he instills in his team.

"Awakening destiny in each heart is what I aim for, whether on the field, from the pulpit, or through community outreach," Coach Denny passionately shared during his discussion with Humilitee.

Coach Fabian Carter: The Catalyst for Consistency and  Reliability in the Trenches"

Coach Fabian Carter complements Coach Denny Duron's wealth of experience and vision. An invaluable pillar of support, his tactical skills and deep commitment to Christian teachings have been vital in shaping the academy’s young athletes.

"We're not just crafting football players; we're molding future leaders who are God-fearing and responsible,” Coach Carter enthusiastically stated.

A Community United in Faith 

Executive producer Russell Wilson spoke fervently about being part of this incredible project. "Both coaches not only teach but live out what it means to be a winner, both on the football field and in life," he said, emphasizing both coaches' unique Christian leadership.

Up Close and Personal: Tune In to the Full Interview

The interview's electrifying atmosphere is not to be missed. It covers the coaches' commitment to Christian leadership, inspiring life stories, and transformative impact on their community. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind exploration of the intersection of faith, family, and football. Hear it all exclusively on the Gospel Fruits Weekly Podcast, available on Apple, Spotify, IHeartRadio, and most podcast digital streams.


About the Coaches

Coach Denny Duron is a man of manifold talents, from his over two-decade-long service as the lead pastor of Shreveport Community Church to overseeing various outreach programs through Winner’s Circle International.

Coach Fabian Carter brings a dynamic and enthusiastic approach to coaching. His blend of tactical knowledge and faith-driven mentorship has become a cornerstone in advancing Evangel Christian Academy’s football program.

As we look forward to the 2024 season, both coaches remain committed to uplifting past performances while laying the groundwork for a promising future. As Coach Denny Duron aptly says, "To God be the Glory!"

Don't waste another minute—tune in to Amazon Freevee for the docuseries and catch this unforgettable Gospel Fruits Weekly Podcast interview. You won't regret it!

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