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Keith Wonderboy Johnson honored at the GMWA Alliance of Gospel Music Professionals Christmas in July

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

My full interview can be heard in it's entirety Tuesday, June 27th at 1pm est. on the Gospel Fruits Weekly Podcast (link down below) with gospel music sensation Earnest Pugh. Guest co host gospel music artist, Ellen Hayes (We Owe It All To You), had the opportunity to delve into the upcoming Christmas in July event hosted by the legendary nationally known radio programmer and inspirational speaker Lee Micheals and uncover at least one of the songs he plans to deliver in honor of Keith Wonderboy Johnson. In this blog post, we explore Pugh's heartfelt dedication and the significance behind this tribute selection.


A Churchy Tribute

Pugh shared his excitement as he revealed the song of choice which holds a deep meaning for him. He will be performing a remake of Evelyn Turrentine's "God Did It," a soul-stirring, churchy anthem. This quartet-style song perfectly encapsulates the essence of Pugh's musical journey and represents a tribute to Keith Wonderboy Johnson.

The Courage to Be Authentic

Pugh shared a touching story of how Keith Wonderboy Johnson inspired him to embrace his true musical identity. As a "little country boy from Tennessee," Pugh felt the pressure to fit into predefined genres and styles. However, when Johnson encouraged him to be authentic and not let others confine him, it was a pivotal moment that gave Pugh the courage to express himself fully.

Breaking Free from Labels

In the music industry, artists often find themselves categorized and boxed into specific genres or styles. But Johnson's words resonated deeply with Pugh, empowering him to break free from these limitations. Pugh realized that as God's vessel, he should embrace the diversity of his talents and allow himself to be used in whatever way God intended.

A Tribute to Keith Wonderboy Johnson

With gratitude and admiration, Pugh decided to pay tribute to Keith Wonderboy Johnson through his performance of "God Did It." By dedicating this song to Johnson, Pugh honors the pivotal role he played in shaping his artistic journey. This heartfelt tribute serves as a testament to the impact that Johnson's encouragement had on Pugh's career.

As the special event Christmas in July approaches, stay tuned as Pugh embraces his churchy roots and showcases the true essence of gospel music through his tribute to Johnson.

Venue: July 12th, 2023 @ 12 noon | Sheraton Four Seasons, Greensboro North Carolina


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