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Thankful for the Invitation: Humilitee's Contribution to 32nd AGQC Convention

Reflecting on the incredible experience of being part of the 32nd Annual American Gospel Quartet Convention (AGQC), my heart is filled with gratitude. This convention, celebrating the soul-stirring genre of gospel quartet music, was an unforgettable journey of unity, inspiration, and a deep commitment to preserving our cherished musical heritage.

I want to extend my deepest thanks to George W. Stewart, the Founder and Executive Director of AGQC. For 32 remarkable years, Mr. Stewart has nurtured and guided the world of quartet music with unwavering dedication. His leadership was evident from the beginning of the convention, setting the stage for an event that would leave an indelible mark on all who attended.

A Memorable Evening with Dr. Bobby Cartwright

On this incredible evening of January 19th, I had the privilege of sharing this virtual space with the founder of the Gospel SuperFest, Dr. Bobby Cartwright and the talented Jett Edwards. Dr. Cartwright's presentation was nothing short of awe-inspiring. He fearlessly delved into the plight of Black Southern quartet singers and their struggles to secure prime-time exposure. His words resonated deeply within me, serving as a powerful reminder of the challenges faced by the quartet community.

The camaraderie between Dr. Cartwright and myself made this experience even more special. We engaged in complementary dialogue, recognizing each other's passion for gospel quartet music and the importance of preserving its rich heritage. It was an honor to share the spotlight with a luminary who, like me, believes in the enduring power of this genre.

Jett Edwards' Vision for Global Opportunities

Jett Edwards, speaking to those aspiring to sing abroad in countries like Tokyo, Japan, decided to deliver a compelling message that left everyone reenvisioning their efforts to prepare for those kinds of opportunities. He emphasized the need for our quartet community to present itself in a more polished and professional manner to attract international opportunities. His insights struck a chord with every attendee, urging us to strive for excellence and embrace the global stage.

Harnessing AI for Quartet Music's Future

In my own presentation, I discussed how gospel quartet singers can prepare to level up by harnessing new and exciting AI tools. Technology can be a powerful ally in enhancing our music and expanding our reach in a rapidly changing world. The response from the audience was overwhelming, and their eagerness to explore these possibilities was palpable.

Continuing the Journey

While I, Humilitee, did not attend the event on the following day, the AGQC continued its mission to uplift gospel quartet music. The program on January 20th featured a lineup of remarkable speakers who carried the torch of inspiration forward. Apostle Jonathan Davis delivered a powerful message, "Take Me To The Altar," emphasizing the spiritual journey accompanying gospel music. Pastor Renita Allen Dixon emphasized the importance of spiritual preparation.

A. J. Darby, a pastor, shared valuable insights on merging artistry with spirituality.

Dr. Jacqueline Stewart, from the Pediatric Medical Group, offered a unique perspective. Their faith-based insights inspired Pastors Michael and Abel Sutton. The day was a continuation of passionate discussions about gospel quartet music, its spirituality, and its future.

In conclusion, the 32nd Annual American Gospel Quartet Convention united voices, bridged generations, and ignited a renewed commitment to this cherished genre. It was a heartfelt thank you to George W. Stewart and a testament to the power of unity and passion within the gospel quartet community. As I reflect on this incredible journey, I am filled with hope for the future of quartet music, knowing that its enduring legacy will continue to inspire generations to come.

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