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Jerry Smith: A 39-Year Journey Through Radio and Gospel Music

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Written by Humilitee™

Imagine you're tuning into your favorite radio station, and you hear a song that just seems to reach in and touches your entire soul. That's the power of music—an influence that Jerry Smith has carried for almost four decades. This week, we're thrilled to welcome Jerry, the CEO of JAS Consulting and a legendary figure in the music and entertainment industry, to our show.

 The image features a professional portrait of Jerry Smith, the CEO of JAS Consulting & Entertainment. He is dressed in a business suit with a light blue shirt and a confident, approachable smile. In the background, prominently displayed, is the logo of JAS Consulting & Entertainment, suggesting a corporate branding theme. The logo's design is bold and straightforward, with the company's initials 'JAS' in large, red block letters followed by 'Consulting & Entertainment' in smaller text, indicating the business's scope and industry focus.

Jerry's career began when he was just a teenager, at the age of 19, spinning tracks as DJ Hollywood on 97.9 WFCS FM at Central Connecticut University. His early days behind the microphone set the stage for what would become a storied career in reshaping contemporary Gospel radio. The Light 103.9 FM in Raleigh, North Carolina, stands as a testament to his vision, rising under his guidance to become a beacon of success and serving as a model for seven other gospel stations across the nation.

But what does it take to craft a station that resonates with so many listeners? Jerry's mantra, "Knowledge Is Power," might give us a clue. He believes in empowering communities through music, information, and motivation. His approach is holistic, drawing on a diverse background in radio formats—from Gospel to Rock, R&B to Hip Hop. This rich tapestry of experiences informs his unique programming style, which has brought groundbreaking content to the Contemporary Gospel Radio format.

Two men are featured in this image, sharing a friendly handshake. The man on the left is wearing a dark grey blazer over a black shirt and glasses, while the man on the right is in a black suit jacket with a badge and has a headset on. They are standing against a backdrop with a blurred yellow and purple logo, indicating a branded event or function
Tyler Perry

JAS Consulting, Jerry's brainchild, is more than just a business—it's a hub of gospel music promotion, event planning, and industry know-how. Jerry's work with Radio One’s gospel stations, overseeing content coordination for 14 stations and launching seven, showcases his impact on the national stage. His involvement in major events like The Women’s Empowerment Network Expo and The Radio One Love Cruise reflects his commitment to bringing people together and creating memorable experiences.

As a teacher and mentor, Jerry has been shaped by the wisdom of many great minds in the industry, and he generously passes on that knowledge. His passion for radio and music is matched only by his desire to unite and uplift people, a mission he embodies both on and off the air.

Three individuals are seated together, smiling for the camera. The person on the left is a woman with light orange hair, dressed in a turquoise shirt with a cartoon fish design. The man in the center wears a black cap and a navy blue T-shirt with a colorful logo. The woman on the right sports a plaid red and white shirt with her dark hair styled in a side-swept bob. They seem to be in a well-lit indoor setting with others around them.
Mary Mary

Jerry's dedication to community service is evident in his role as the Chair for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Radio Cares Advisory board, a position he held with honor from 2013 to 2018. His personal life is as rich as his professional one, grounded in faith, family, and a deep love for empowering others. Together with his wife, Cheryl Perry-Smith, and their two daughters, Jerry's life is a beautiful blend of music, family, and service.

A woman with medium-length dark hair smiles and waves at the camera, wearing a chic beige sleeveless top with a high neckline. She is accompanied by a man in a black pinstripe suit with a headset around his neck, holding a clipboard and papers. They appear to be at an evening outdoor event with lights in the background
Taraji P. Henson

The accolades Jerry has received over the years are numerous, from The Drummer Award for Program Director of the Year in 2001 to the President's Lifetime Achievement Award in 2021. Each award is a story, a chapter in the life of a man who has dedicated his career to the gospel of music. Jerry’s impact has earned him the title of a "Living Legend" in the Gospel Hip Hop community, but it’s his humble dedication to his faith, family, friends, and community that truly defines him.

So, tune in this week for an inspiring conversation with Jerry Smith. Whether you're a longtime fan of gospel music or just getting to know the genre, Jerry's insights are sure to enlighten and entertain. It's not every day that we get to hear from someone who has not only witnessed but also shaped the evolution of gospel music over nearly four decades. Join us and experience the journey of a true visionary in the world of gospel music and radio.


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