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JEVON DEWAND: Rapper Inspired by Faith and Second Chances

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Written by Humilitee ™

Jevon is a Atlanta Georgia -born gospel hip-hop rapper whose music aims to motivate and inspire. In a recent interview, he opened up about his past struggles, religious awakening and new album.

Early Interest in Music

Even as a child, Jevon showed an early talent and interest in music. He mentions that in 5th grade, for career day, he expressed a desire to be Noah from the Bible. Jevon explains “I’ve always loved animals.”

Forming Trap Stars

As a young man, Jevon formed the Christian rap group “Trap Stars.” He remarks that the name “trap” actually stood for “True Righteousness Always Prospers,” allowing them to give the term a positive meaning.

Health Crisis and Faith

In his early twenties, Jevon nearly died from a medical mystery of five blood clots in his heart and lungs. Doctors couldn’t explain what caused it. While hospitalized, Jevon says he recognized God had a purpose for his life and resolved to embrace his calling. He recovered fully against the odds.

Releasing “Fa Real, Fa Real” Jevon recently released a new single called “Fa Real, Fa Real” with an uplifting message to keep faith strong. He describes the song's meaning as encouraging listeners to “go hard twice” in their belief.

Performing at the Stellar Awards

Jevon delivered a powerful performance at the 2023 Stellar Awards. Despite minimal rehearsal time, he pulled off an impressive show, motivated by his community.

Sharing His Story on New Album Jevon opened up about his life experiences on his latest album, The Change Experience. The project allows him to share his transformative journey.

Focus on Helping Others During the interview, Jevon stresses that he remains humble and focused on service, saying “I want to add value and give people a new perspective.” His goal is using music to inspire change in peoples’ lives.


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