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"Stellar Gospel Music Awards 2023: Miz Tiffany continues to make History"

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Excerpt Highlight: Listen to full audio interview listed below (Soundcloud Link provided)

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by Humilitee™

He's Been Good album and single by Miz Tiffany nominated for two Stellar Gospel Music Awards for 2023

In the contemporary world of gospel music, the Stellar Gospel Music Awards is an event of great significance. The 2023 edition saw the spectacular rise of Tiffany "Miz Tiffany" Coleman-McGee. Making history as the first female hip-hop rapper to ever be nominated for a Stellar Award in 2019, Miz Tiffany continues to blaze trails with her recent double nomination at the prestigious event for both the Rap/Hip Hop Gospel Album of the Year and Rap/Hip Hop Song of the Year for her album, "He's Been Good."

Originating from Jackson, Mississippi, Miz Tiffany's journey is a testament to her determination, faith, and resilience. Behind the glitz of award ceremonies and celebrated music tracks lies a story that showcases triumph over adversity. Her initial encounters with the world of gospel rap were prophetically revealed through divine visions, where she saw herself on stage, sharing her message through rap. This unique calling was paired w

ith her innate talent a

nd a genuine humility that endeared her to many in the industry.

However, the road to success has not been without it's challenges. At the age of 20, Miz Tiffany, then a secular rapper, endured a near-fatal car crash on Easter Sunday. An extended coma and severe injuries threatened to end her aspirations, but through her mother's steadfast faith and what many describe as divine intervention, she emerged and subsequently dove headfirst into gospel rap.

Her recent Stellar Awards appearance was a testament to her journey, filled with reunions and gratitude. Her electrifying presence was palpable, as was the joy she derived from connecting with industry peers and the media. This also brought a spotlight to her latest album, "He's Been Good." It wasn't merely a collection of tracks but a reflection of her personal journey. Collaborations with well-known artists like Emanuel, Myron Butler, and MC Nice on the album speak volumes of her reach and respect in the industry. Humilitee™, the force behind Daily Praise Radio, highlighted the depth and essence of Miz Tiffany's music, ensuring listeners perceive the richness of her message.

Yet, Miz Tiffany's accolades span beyond just the Stellar Awards. As gospel music evolved, Miz Tiffany emerged as an icon. Celebrated globally, she has enthralled audiences from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, to Paris, France. Recognition like the 2023 Celebrity Artist of the Year Award and the 2023 Impact Honoree Music Award from the 9th Annual Antigua Barbuda Gospel Music Awards bolster her esteemed reputation.

Her contributions to gospel and hip-hop are profound. Notably, she was the first female Gospel Rap artist to be featured on 'Dr. Bobby Jones Presents'. At the 40th Annual Mississippi Gospel Music Awards, she was heralded as the "Mississippi Spotlight Artist of the Year."

Beyond music, Miz Tiffany is deeply entrenched in community service, earning the Presidential Volunteer Service Lifetime Achievement Award in July 2023. Her artistic talents spill into acting, with roles in TV series like 'Empire' and 'Queen Sugar.' As a published author, model, and radio host, she continues to break barriers.

Her advice to all is poignant: "Step out on faith and work on that dream. It's never too late." Miz Tiffany's narrative, amplified through platforms like Daily Praise Radio and the Gospel Fruits Weekly Podcast, serves as an inspiration, urging everyone to chase their dreams regardless of their circumstances.

For those keen to delve deeper into her world or to connect directly:


Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube [@officialmiztiffany], Twitter [@OfficialMizTiff]


Miz Tiffany's rise in the gospel music industry underscores the incredible journey of a woman led by faith, resilience, and sheer gifting, reminding us of the marvels that can be achieved when one dares to dream.


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